Apr 26, 2011 - Supporting Our Future Fan Referendum 2011

The results of the survey are now available

The Northumberland Development Project remains the favoured stadium development option of Tottenham Hotspur fans in an indicative survey carried out by the Supporting Our Future group. Some 74% of the fans surveyed said they felt pursuing this option was the best option for the club. Only 6% agreed that pursuing legal action over the failed Stratford bid was a worthwhile course of action.

The survey also found that 55% of fans would consider investing money in a finance scheme that would help fund a new stadium and save money on tickets in the long term.

Supporting Our Future now intends to continue dialogue with the club, armed with this information. We believe that this statement of opinion in the only publicly available survey so far conducted on THFC's stadium plans helps point the way towards solving the current impasse. We intend to proceed by;

  • - Continuing to address viability concerns over the NDP, which is clearly a fan favourite.
  • - Asking for clarification on what additional revenue from current ticket price rises is to be used for.
  • - Seeking detailed updates on the positions over transport and with Haringey Council and English Heritage.
  • - Compiling a detailed proposal for a fan bond and stake offering which provides a fair return to investors.

We hope the club will take note of these survey results and feel able to share more information with fans as well as to join us in constructive discussions aimed at solving outstanding problems with stadium development. This also applies to any partners the club will need to work with to complete the stadium expansion.

We hope that, by continuing to engage with the club, we can persuade them to be more open than they have been. We firmly believe this will help in the vital tasks or regaining fan support for the stadium project and also in forging the partnerships necessary for that project to go ahead.

*Note - Our survey was conducted over 5 weeks. We received 589 replies on a site only recently set-up and with limited resources for publicity. While we recognise that this is only a fraction of THFC's support, we feel it is a strong response in the circumstances, and would emphasise the point that, to date, it is the only publicly available set of survey results so far conducted on THFC's stadium plans.

Please click here for the raw data report provided to us by SurveyGizmo. It should be noted that question 1 had "skip logic" related to questions concerning season ticket renewal and memberships. In these cases this is way the volume may not be reflective of total number of respondents

For a summary report and details of Supporting Our Future's forward thinking ideas, please click here